Shnooki sheets keep babies in the SIDS Safe Sleep position

Posted by: Olivia Richardson, 10-03-2014

Shnooki sheets keep babies in the SIDS Safe Sleep position

Worried whether or not baby’s in the right SIDS-safe position at night? (And you should be – SIDS Safe Sleep Campaign (1989) has been responsible for a reduction of 80 per cent in SIDS-related deaths.)

Shnooki – created by two Aussie Mums – has come up with a clever solution. You simply fit their Shnooki Sheet onto the end of the cot, pop your baby on the cot on their back and then use the Shnooki Band to hold it all in place.

There’s also a Shnooki Blanket that can be attached using snap fasteners to keep your baby snug as a bug in the cooler months.

They’re all both really useful if you use grandparents and/or babysi...
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Car basics for women


Happy Little Campers

Posted by: Juliet Potter, 09-08-2014

Happy Little Campers

Little Campers are specially created for children and modelled on a traditional teepee with a contemporary twist. The range of exciting designs will inspire your children and spark their imagination into creative playtime.

These beautiful children's tents are perfectly suitable to be left in the garden all year round or can be easily lifted inside for an indoor play tent - comfortable play mats are available and fit neatly in the base of your teepee.

All FieldCandy tents are made to a high specification from pole to peg and this mini masterpiece is no exception.


Designed to be UV fade resistant, fire resistant and 100% waterproof.

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My Food Bag Delivers

Posted by: Juliet Potter, 10-06-2014

My Food Bag Delivers

Here at MD headquarters we've tried meals a plenty, from the pre-made and frozen variety all the way through to counting calorie creations and diet shakes in order to lose that extra 5 kilos after bub. So when we stumbled across we jumped at the chance to try it out. I mean hello? Food delivered to your door? Now what can be so bad about that? (read nothing). Where do we sign?

The food was delivered on a Sunday as promised in three simple paper bags and including a snazzy recipe folder outlining our menu for the week. It was exciting to unpack and super easy to negotiate; ­ one bag for dairy and refrigerated items, one for staples and one for fresh perishables with leeks,...
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