Colgate's APP to help with brushing teeth

Posted by: Juliet Potter, 07-23-2015

Colgate's APP to help with brushing teeth

There's no denying trying to get your kids to brush their teeth is harder than getting them to bed early. You can beg, plead and threaten all you want with only the guarantee this twice a day ritual aint gonna go away anytime soon.

So to try to get your small people to the party, Colgate have an APP for that.

Colgate Brushing Adventure mobile app with two educational and  exciting games, making fighting cavities an achievable mission for parents and a fun, easy task for children. The app supports parents in teaching their children to brush their teeth in a simple and engaging way.

So stop grinding your teeth and download the app for free; you can search ‘Colgat...
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Car basics for women


Bringing Back Cookies and Craft

Posted by: Juliet Potter, 06-14-2015

Bringing Back Cookies and Craft

Away from iPads, Instagram and those pesky kid-trepeneurs, there's just something refreshing about bringing back some simple, good old fashioned fun for your little ones.

Just in time for the school holidays, we found more than a few ideas to inspire us to ditch the wi-fi and iPhones in two titles thrown our way this week.


Nothing makes your house more warm or smell more delicious than baking. Cookies & Cakes! includes yummy and simple recipes which are visually appealing and easy for even the beginner cook to make.

Written by Melbourne-based chef and food stylist Cherise Pagano, who has worked on MASTERCHEF and many-well-known adult cookbooks, this book...
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Scrubb are cleaning up the cleaning business

Posted by: Juliet Potter, 05-27-2015

Scrubb are cleaning up the cleaning businessShow me a woman who loves housework and I'll show you a tap dancing, rainbow unicorn.

With Mums still burdened with the majority load of the housework, it's time to get familiar with new online service Scrubb.

Husband and wife team Chris and John have just launched Scrubb a website and App that allows you to find a quality cleaner, giving you back you quality time.

There's so many things to love about Scrubb but here's just a few of the top benefits of the service:

Chris and John have already screened your cleaner not only ensuring they provide an A grade...
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