Netflix solves bedtime-stalling

Posted by: Juliet Potter, 11-10-2015

Netflix solves bedtime-stalling

Parents, get ready for your victory lap because your bedtime-stalling kids just met their match. It’s no secret kids will say everything from the outrageous – “I hate the inside of my eyelids” – to the hard-to-argue-with “I’m starving-dying of thirst-need to pee” excuse to avoid bedtime o’clock. Now, with the help of Netflix and DreamWorks Animation, grown-ups can stop the kids’ shenanigans while making some mischief of their own.
With today’s launch of five-minute-long ‘favourites’ of the hit series Dinotrux from DreamWorks Animation, parents can offer up an ENTIRE SHOW – that’s 300 whole seconds, kids – to mo...
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Car basics for women


Ten reasons to send your child to camp

Posted by: Juliet Potter, 11-09-2015

Ten reasons to send your child to camp

Do you remember your childhood camps? School camp is a wonderful experience for children and one that they’ll look back on with many fond memories and personal recollections.

Climbing trees, soaking up the sunshine and running barefoot amongst nature; possums breaking into your tent, and scary ghost stories told creepily by the camp fire … They’re memories you’ll fondly cling to forever. Once you become a parent, you get to enjoy the experience all over again.

For some parents their child’s first camping experience is brimming with exhilaration – no more school drop offs or pick ups for a while, and some much-treasured sleeping in time. Above all, nothing compares to watching your child standing...
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Win the war on pregnancy hyperpigmantation

Posted: 10-21-2015

Win the war on pregnancy hyperpigmantation

After years of forming a healthy complex about my complexion – red hair, freckles – at 36 I had actually come to terms with my derma-destiny and learned to work with what god gave me. That is until I fell pregnant and shit got real.

The one thing that pregnancy taught me is that there is a list as long as your arm of the things ‘they’ don’t tell you about pregnancy. The one I will touch on here is, for me, the touchiest of them all; the one that added 5-10 years to my appearance.

Towards the end of my pregnancy with my first child, my once normal freckles had started to join in the most cray way, to create an almost-muddy appearance to my complexion. They were no longer single spots, rather alien clusters creating a...
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