Get your PJ's on, people.

Posted by: Juliet Potter, 08-25-2015

Get your PJ's on, people.

Hello, who doesn't love a slumber party? And I'm not talking about just the kids - there's nothing quite like getting all snug as a bug in a rug in your jimmy jams with your favourite furry friend tagging along whilst you let it all hang out, staying in. Right Mum?

So it's time to go cray, grab your Peter Alexander's and Big Ted and join Justine Clarke on her Pyjama Jam! Tour this October and November.

In line with her much anticipated, October released, fifth studio album Pyjama Jam, the Pyjama Jam! Tour will see Justine returning to more intimate venues around Australia, creating the perfect comfy and cozy atmosphere for a Pyjama party with just you and the Jus-meister.
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Car basics for women


A Healthy Cereal Alternative

Posted by: Juliet Potter, 08-09-2015

A Healthy Cereal Alternative

Sick of trying to entice the kids away from those delicious yet sadly sugar laden cereals (c'mon now, Sarah Wilson's I Quit Sugar cannot exactly be considered an appropriate bedtime story in anyone's book), we reckon it's time to give in and just role with it.

Say whaaaat? You heard right little Mumma; sometimes when it comes to breakfast, you just gotta to think outside the box. Or in this case, in it.

Consider this - you can't deny cereal rocks; keeping a box handy rates highly when it comes to saving time in the morning (read open packet, pour milk, repeat = easy) so we reckon the answer isn't in ditching the concept entirely, but in finding a healthier cereal alternative.

Stop looking, we've found it. Connecting...
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Win a Globber My FREE Scooter

Posted by: Juliet Potter, 08-01-2015

Win a Globber My FREE Scooter

I freaking hate taking my kids to the park. What with all that small talk, limited seating, disapproving stares whilst I check my iPhone for messages (I'm working here, people) and the constant exertion required to push that darned swing (the day my kids learn to swing themselves is the happiest of my life); what's to love, I ask you? 

Clearly in need of a reason to get on down to the local playground, we've discovered a range of scooter worthy of our attention. Meet the Globber My FREE.

As far as scooters go, this baby is as smart as it is good looking. Designed with safe learning in mind, there's a button on the front of the scooter that locks the steering system so your little one can master the straight line and balancing before...
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