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Let your DNA Choose Your Diet

With Christmas now over, we’re all more than ready to think about shedding those extra kilos we’ve stacked on.

And so the diet research begins in earnest.… from the Paleo diet, the sugar-free diet, the 5:1 to Jenny Craig or Lite n Easy – with so many to choose from, how can you possibly know which one is right for you?

Enter which, with a simple mouth swab, can tell you exactly which diet will give you the best results and faster, all based on your own DNA.

It’s a scientific fact that genetics play a huge role in weight gain and loss, muscle tone, and how your body responds to diet, exercise resistance and weight training. Knowing what foods to eat, which to avoid and how your body will respond to exercise via your genetic code puts you in front in achieving your summer body goals.

We all have different genetic capabilities when it comes to processing foods, some people can tolerate more carbs, some people can metabolise dietary fats better. From this information, which is assessed by Muscle Genetica’s coaching team, a bespoke dietary and exercise program is created with the correct amount of food, nutrients and exercise routine to best suit your goals and genetics.

According to PT and health and fitness coach, Stephen Arnold, from Muscle Genetica, there’s no need to waste time trialing diets to see which one works best for you.

“I’ve seen too many people brain washed and suffer on diets that aren’t suited to their genetic predisposition to not care about this,” says Stephen.

“Along with nutrition comes supplementation, vitamin C, D, zinc, multivitamins – all are common purchases across the board. People buy these products, spending hundreds of dollars because they think they need them.

“A simple DNA sample will show you exactly which vitamins and minerals you are genetically deficient in. So, no more wasted money on things you think you need or following diets that just aren’t right for you.

Muscle Genetica can save you money and time by telling you exactly what you’re lacking in genetically and contribute towards achieving your health and fitness goals in the fastest way possible”.

If you’re serious about weight loss, check out your DNA here

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