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How to teach your kids to deal with life

For most of us, mindfulness comes too late in life and often after times get tough. Yet with anxiety and depression sky-rocketing, it’s important to teach kids the tools early in life to deal with what life may throw at them.

That’s why we love the work Leah Chandler from Kids-Fit Australia is doing in helping both parents and kids to chill the hell out.

Without being a total hipster, kale drinking Bondi-dwelling wanker, put your Skinny Bitch down and get a big fat cup of zen into you and the kids with a few basic, starter tips from Leah below.

1. When you wake up – be on your own and for 2 minutes – lie or sit down and close your eyes and focus on breathing slowly in and out and from the bottom of your belly. Pay attention to how your body and mind are feeling today.

2. Each day, write a list of 5 things that you are grateful for and then close your eyes and imagine each one and why you are grateful for it.

3. Eat slowly and focus on taste, texture and savour your food. Try this at least once a day to practice mindful eating, which means you will be more aware of what you are eating and why!

4. Take 3 mindful breaths before doing homework, tests, participating in competitions or feeling stressed at school. Breathe in and out slowly and breath from the bottom of the belly. This will help your nerves and you will become more focused.

5. Have a few minutes to yourself each day, especially when you feel tired or overloaded. Go for a walk through a garden or park (always take a parent or big sibling with you so they can help you stay safe, even if they sit away from you). Or just hang out in your room or the backyard and relax and breathe. It is a great way to bring your mind and body back to calm state, especially after a big day at school.

If these help you then maybe you can teach a friend and their kids to be mindful too! Peace.

For more on Leah, check out her website here
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