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Move Over Celeste Barber…

Celeste Barber is indisputably the queens of keeping it real.

From her realistic AF selfies to her video challenges of duplicating such gems as Miranda Kerr’s $4 million-dollar smoothie, Celeste hands down touches a nerve with Mums who totes get that life is not as glamorous as some would like to have us to believe.

Yet there’s a new voice emerging – in Fisher-Price, who in conjunction with some of Australia’s most influential mums, is celebrating and empowering parents across the country to stand proud and show the beauty and realness of how sucky parenting can be via their social channels.

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Enter the Fisher-Price Challenge, a social media campaign spearheaded by the hugely admired and followed; Clementine McVeigh and Marcia Leone, broadcasting the toughness and not-so glamorous sides of parenting.

Since sharing their stories, the #FisherPriceChallenge is receiving interest from other mum’s across the globe, and together they’re calling for more parents to get on board and empower each other by simply sharing an honest, authentic social media post about the realities of being a parent.

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Whether the living room looks like it’s been turned upside down or an outfit change is required five times a day – the world of mum’s want to hear about it using #FisherPriceChallenge.

So, what are you waiting for. Go take a pic of the washing pile and get amongst it!



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