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Hair Support for Frequent Flyers

Is it just me that loathes having to leave my favourite, trusty shampoo and conditioner in my shower when I pack my bag for the long-haul?

It’s bad enough I live with the fear of impending destination climate frizz fall-out, that I further have to worry about using the itty bitty token complimentary combined shampoo slash condition all-in-one (albeit it is free and I may just take it home for the kids, but I digress). Like, really, shampoo and conditioner at the same time? Is that even possible?


We can all rest easy in my find this week of travel sized Klorane shampoos and conditioners in all the best flavours, each one more than happy to accommodate both your hair and travel needs.


And when I say flavours, I mean these hair care saviors are good enough to eat, coming in scents such as Mango for dry locks, Pomegranate to preserve and lock-in colour and the staple, original and best, tried-and-tested Flax Fibre original for fine, fly-away hair. Fly away, see what I did there?


We have three packs of these mini gems to give away, RRP $7.95 each (total of each pack, $15.90). To win, pray-tell us here your hair sob story. You can even post an image of a bad hair day for extra points.


You can see more about Klorane here –

Or find your nearest stockist here to pick up your own handy packs here –







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